Why Geneticure?

As Healthcare providers, you have been waiting for this for decades. You are intimately aware that there is a great deal of wasted time and resources to optimize therapy over time by trial and error.

At Geneticure our goals are aligned with yours

Higher quality patient care and meaningful reductions in time, money and risk throughout the system. Not to mention, by reducing the number of return visits to titrate medicines we are opening up your calendar for new patient visits.

Geneticure is a new prescription drug process.

With Geneticure, you can offer your patients advanced, cutting-edge healthcare. From a non-invasive sample collection, to fast results, to convenient reporting, you can now give your patients the kind of care you want to provide.

We are working to improve patient compliance.

By giving patients a tailored approach to their therapy, you’re more likely to see better patient compliance. By empowering the data within the individual, we make it simpler for patients to stay engaged with you and their own health.

Designed by clinicians for clinicians.

Geneticure is designed to integrate seamlessly into the day-to-day workflow of any practice or facility. Every detail — from sample collection to secure reporting — has been thought through with you in mind.

You don’t need to be a genetics expert – we do that for you.

We provide the genetic results, along with interpretation of the functional consequence of those results.

Anonymity and data integrity.

Patients are sensitive about their DNA so we never collect any personal information. Their sample is anonymous to us. Geneticure is a CLIA-certified laboratory, meeting the highest, most stringent standards for lab testing.