The New Patient Experience

How the Geneticure Panel Works:

Your DNA is quickly and painlessly collected through a non-invasive cheek swab which is sent to Geneticure’s CLIA-certified lab.

None of your personal information is gathered by Geneticure – you remain completely anonymous to us.
Geneticure does not explore other genes and does not use the genetic information for any other testing.

Following DNA extraction and genotyping, Geneticure provides genetic results directly to your Doctor, along with a summary for each gene and a decision tree of most to least functional genes.

The clinician then utilizes this information, similar to any other clinical test to optimize your blood pressure therapy.

Think of us as "decision support" for your doctor to select which treatment will work the best for you.

sample report

With Geneticure, your experience will be:


Non-Invasive Sample Collection

More Accurate

No trial and error


Avoid drugs that could be harmful to you


Fewer trips to your doctor

Less Expensive

Fewer trips to the pharmacy

Happier patients, empowered by the data that is already within them.