Geneticure for Hypertension

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is one of the most preventable contributors to disease and death in the world but remains the most common condition in the primary care setting.

Despite all of this medical attention, roughly half of hypertension patients do not have their blood pressure under control.


The reason is simple. Each patient is unique, but the starting point for each prescription is generally the same.

Doctors use the same drug and dose as a starting point then correct prescriptions over time based on how well patients react (or don’t).

It’s like throwing a dart at a dartboard…then adjusting the aim with each toss.

This trial and error method means many patients are given prescriptions that are ineffective.

They suffer through months of useless prescriptions and repeat office visits before getting their condition under control.

Our healthcare system is burdened with billions of wasted dollars.

And, not to mention, a drug that might be perfectly safe for one patient could be very harmful to another.

Luckily, a solution exists.

Unique markers in your genetic code determine how well your body will respond to each drug and dose. This valuable information has largely been ignored because an intelligent method for using it did not exist.

Until now.

Geneticure uses Pharmacogenetics: the study of how a person’s individual DNA may affect their response to medications.

We have assembled a comprehensive panel of genes in your DNA that are involved in the regulation of blood pressure.

All of these genes have repeatedly demonstrated physiologic effects in human models producing various pharmacogenetic effects relative to blood pressure - depending on which genes are present.

We unlock this information, guiding you toward better treatment.

When comparing current therapeutic guidelines (trial and error) to our expert understanding of the pharmacogenetics involved in high blood pressure – there is no doubt we are providing you with a superior method to treat your disease.

No more dartboards.
Geneticure is making medicine personal.

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