Increase your employees’ quality of life while decreasing your healthcare costs.

Employees with cardiovascular disease (including high blood pressure) cost employers an extra $1,100 per year in lost productivity alone, compared with healthier employees.1 With Geneticure, you may be able to significantly reduce your company’s chronic disease spending with an estimated 16x return on investment (ROI) by reducing direct healthcare spending. Better controlled hypertension means less office visits, wasted prescriptions and costly events like stroke and heart attack.2

The Geneticure solution.

Geneticure is a simple and affordable at-home genetic test, with Physician oversight, that uses integrative physiology and pharmacogenomic testing for hypertension to identify what type of medication might work best to control an employee’s high blood pressure safely and effectively, regardless of where they are in their current treatment plan.

  • Our test replaces the traditional trial and error clinical practice of blood pressure drug prescriptions with guided treatment solutions based on your employee’s DNA
  • Employers see an average savings of $1409 per year per employee on costs associated with high blood pressure1,2


Offer your employees personalized healthcare options that help you save.

Our patented pharmacogenomic DNA test could help to ensure your employees are taking the appropriate hypertension medication. Partner with us and we’ll help you take care of everything, from independent physician ordering, to sending out kits (directly to home or office) to protecting your employees’ privacy with a detailed report they can take to their doctor for clear, actionable results.

Start saving today.

Partner with us and we’ll help you take care of everything, from independent physician ordering to sending out kits (directly to home or office) to reducing your company’s healthcare costs.

Your questions answered.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about Geneticure.

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