About Geneticure

Geneticure is a pharmacogentic testing company dedicated to achieving the decades-long promise of personalized medicine. We are focusing on helping healthcare providers get the unique genetic information they need to determine the right course of treatment for patients suffering from hypertension.

Our actionable insights are based on pharmacogenetics which is the the study of genetic differences in metabolic pathways which can that affect an individual’s response to drugs.

We have assembled and patented a comprehensive panel of genes that are involved in the regulation of renal Na⁺ handling, vasodilation, and cardiac function. All of these genes have repeatedly demonstrated physiologic effects in cell, animal, and human models and have also demonstrated altered pharmacogenetic effects. Based on current therapeutic guidelines, and our current understanding of genetics and pharmacogenetics in the proteins involved in high blood pressure, the suggestions for therapeutic decisions for high blood pressure has been enhanced with the Geneticure pharmacogenetic panel.

Geneticure was founded in 2014 and has offices in Rochester and Minnetonka MN