Prescriptions for your body.

Decisions from your DNA.

At Geneticure, we use a unique approach that examines the genetics specific to each disease to help highlight the best prescription choice for each patient. The promise of personalized medicine has finally arrived.

Prescriptions for your body.
Decisions from your DNA.

At Geneticure, we use a unique approach that examines the genetics specific to each disease to help highlight the best prescription choice for each patient. The full promise of personalized medicine has finally arrived.

Patients & Caregivers

The cause and solution for many diseases like high blood pressure are based in physiology and could be driven by your genetics. Discover how the Geneticure test helps your doctor choose the best medications to treat your high blood pressure.

Healthcare Providers

The Geneticure pharmacogenomics test for hypertension goes beyond drug metabolizing enzymes (DMEs) — where most other tests stop — to provide clear and actionable drug-selection support for better patient outcomes.


High blood pressure is a leading contributor to your healthcare spending and likely affects over 1/3 of your employees. Chances are only half of them have it under control. Learn how the Geneticure test provides an immediate, measurable return on investment (ROI) through non-invasive and remote genetic testing to improve outcomes.

High blood pressure is the leading preventable cause of death in the world. To treat it, doctors do the best they can with the tools available by following recommendations based on population averages. This means they typically start everyone on the same medication. If that’s not effective, they increase the dosage or add new medications as part of a trial and error process. This means patients are often asked to take medications that are ineffective, or even counter-productive, causing blood pressure to go up.

Geneticure helps to reveal the right medication for you, prescribed by your DNA.

Most personalized medicine or pharmacogenomics (PGx) tests only look at the way a broad list of medications are metabolized in your body. Drug metabolism alone in high blood pressure has not been shown to influence blood pressure values. Our approach is different. We use proprietary technology supported by years of clinical trial evidence. With the help of your Doctor, this technology could determine what drug will work to lower your blood pressure based off of the genetic information in your heart, kidneys, and blood vessels to get you on the right medication faster.

A new solution to help control your high blood pressure has finally arrived.

Your path to wellness begins with a simple cheek swab and a personalized report with insights about your DNA. Order your Geneticure test kit today to learn what high blood pressure medications might work best with your genes and start hitting your numbers.

Similar improvements have demonstrated:

Evidence-based innovation in blood pressure management for your patients.

Our research supports that the Geneticure approach of DNA-guided therapy is associated with ~7mmHg lower systolic blood pressure and ~6mmHg diastolic blood pressure.1 This is 22% and 39% lower respectively versus non-genetically matched care. What does lowering your blood pressure by this much mean? Reductions to this degree have resulted in 40% reduction in strokes and 25% reduction in heart attacks.2,3,4

Life-changing information that empowers your employees and eliminates wasted healthcare spending.

Our peer-reviewed health economic model has demonstrated that using Geneticure provides an estimated 16x return on investment (ROI) in a three-year window and 1x in the first year. These savings are seen through reduced office visits, eliminating wasted prescriptions, and lowering costly adverse events due to uncontrolled high blood pressure.3,5

Estimated savings of $1409 per employee per year3,5

We know everyone is different and believe medicine should be optimized by genomics.

At Geneticure, we’re changing the way costly and deadly diseases are being treated by using each patient’s DNA to help predict their response to medications. Driven by a passion for evidence-driven improvements beyond one-size-fits-all healthcare, we partner with patients, caregivers, employers, and healthcare providers to deliver more effective treatments. Uniquely supported by rigorous clinical trials and economic evidence, our tests could provide answers that we hope will eliminate millions of unnecessary prescriptions, strokes, heart attacks, days of missed work, and preventable deaths, worldwide.

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